We're (back) in BETA!

Welcome to the all new Snog.li! We’ve decided to improve functionality and give the website a new lease of life. The layout has been given a more modern feel that will be much more enjoyable to use and navigate, as well as under the hood changes to speed things up a bit.

As with all changes, some things aren’t quite right. Any pictures you previously had uploaded to snog won’t transfer over. If you’d like to transfer them simply save them or find the original file and reupload them to the new website.

Other features that aren’t currently working (blocking, interests etc…) will be added over time, however the main priority is performance.

Thanks for being a part of Snog up to now, and we hope the facelift will attract a wider audience.


Recent Changes

  • Many optimisations throughout the site.
  • Added 'Privacy Settings' for hiding online status, guests from viewing your profile & your answers from livefeed.
  • Added 'Personal Settings' for modifying location, DOB, gender & relationship.
  • Improved the homepage DOB chooser.
  • Adjustments to how gender &location displays on profiles.
  • Random members has been adjusted (larger photos & infinitive scroll)
  • A button to mark all notifications as read has been added.
  • You can now manage your general account settings.
  • Interests have been added back to the website.
  • Bug fixes all around statuses & optimizations.
  • Livefeed now only displays members with photos.
  • You can now manage your block list again.