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I came out 3 years ago and my Nan still asks me if I've decided to go back to the right team, lol luv u x

dun dun dun dun dun - theme tune to skins

i sat for like 8 fking hours to get ddosed in lsm not happy

The Purge: Election Year - Party in the USA scene is by far the most iconic scene in tv history not even gonna lie

my obsession with Dylan obrien isn't healthy, I've literally watched every film he's been in 100 times and watch basically every interview and funny moments compilation on the internet, I even have a hoody lol kms
- Stiles Stilinski
- Thomas
- Mitch Rapp
- The Guy
- Caleb Holloway
- Stewart Twombly
- Charlie Brown
- Jimmy
- Peter
- Dave Hodgeman

@mcdreamy is my bestest friend
@stinky is fire bud
@AndChill uncertified soul mate am i right

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